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This book is a powerful testimony to the lives of thousands of brave women who overcame all forms of abuse and built better futures for themselves and their children.

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It Takes a Woman to Empower Women
by Johanna

About the Book

In her book, author Johanna Crawford shares her 12 years of extraordinary, hands-on experience in supporting women and provides the reader with a pragmatic and compassionate perspective on the steps needed to effectively go from surviving to thriving.

Many authors deal with the emotional aspects of abuse, but few present a roadmap for women to regain their financial self-sufficiency to change their lives and those of their families. Through an interactive, collaborative approach, It Takes a Woman offers space and methods for readers to explore their dreams and define specific, actionable steps and goals to regain power over their lives.

About The Author


Over her lifetime, Jo Crawford has dedicated herself to over 50 years of community service in a wide variety of areas. But none is more recognizable and as impactful as her time as Founder & Executive Director of Web of Benefit, a nonprofit that empowered survivors of domestic violence.

Jo Crawford

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What Readers Are Saying About 
It Takes a Woman to Empower Women

Jo takes the reader through stories of women who have overcome huge obstacles. She details and repeats all the positive actions and thoughts that a survivor requires to make incremental changes that can make it from surviving to thriving.

Powerful, inspirational, eye opening and applicable! This book provides a roadmap along with authentic, evidential examples of women who were able to set themselves free from domestic violence, with the support of an amazing woman and (Jo's) impactful organization.


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