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About the Book

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It Takes a Woman to Empower Women is a powerful testimony to the lives of thousands of brave women who overcame all forms of abuse and built better futures for themselves and their children.


In her book, author Johanna Crawford shares her 12 years of extraordinary, hands-on experience in supporting women and provides the reader with a pragmatic and compassionate perspective on the steps needed to effectively go from surviving to thriving.

Many authors deal with the emotional aspects of abuse, but few present a roadmap for women to regain their financial self-sufficiency to change their lives and those of their families.


Through an interactive, collaborative approach, It Takes a Woman offers space and methods for readers to explore their dreams and define specific, actionable steps and goals to regain power over their lives.

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Included in the Book

11 chapters of heartfelt, relatable story and guidance from Jo

 Examples of Dream Proposals and the space to create your own

Survivor stories of empowerment and self-sufficiency (see preview here)

Thoughtfully crafted journaling prompts for each chapter (see preview here)

60+ invitations into self-care for readers  (see preview here)

Countless affirmations customized for each chapter (see preview here)

What Readers are Saying

“Uplifting, inspiring, promising, gratifying, heartening, and encouraging. This book is a tribute to the women who have experienced toxic relationships and overcome adversity thanks to the generosity, emotional and financial support of one woman. I was deeply moved by the inspiring stories of courageous women who have overcome incredible odds to achieve their dreams.

Chapters include self-care tips, affirmations, and journaling prompts. These guidelines encouraged me to dream big, practice gratitude, and pay it forward. All of us need to dream. Jo’s book recognizes and encourages that need and provides tips to fulfill those dreams. It is definitely ‘a must read’.” — A Grateful Reader

“For twelve years Jo Crawford personally helped more than 2,200 survivors of domestic violence achieve personal and financial empowerment. In this book, she combines the fruit of these experiences along with her own journey as a survivor to create a guide for women to thrive in our society. With a heart for the struggles of all women, she has produced a straightforward and easy-to-read blueprint to encourage women to take control of their lives and their futures.” — David Ladd, Founder and Principal, Even Keel Coaching LLC.

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