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Below are journaling prompts taken from each chapter of It Takes a Woman to Empower Women.


It’s long been noted that journaling—writing your thoughts and feelings—can be healing. I highly recommend you take a few minutes each day, or whenever you can, to sit quietly and get in touch with your life by expressing yourself on paper (or a computer if that’s better for you). 

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to do it often. Something magical happens when you write—and we’re not talking about “great” or “perfect” writing. Who cares about spelling and punctuation? We’re talking about pouring your heart out on paper, saying what you need to say and getting those hidden feelings down so you can release any thoughts or emotions that you don’t want to carry any longer. Also, write whatever you are grateful for or anything that was positive during your day.  Sometimes this takes a bit of soul-searching, especially on a bad day, but I bet you can do it! 

Find a quiet place where you can be uninterrupted for at least fifteen minutes. Grab an inexpensive notebook, a stunning journal, or your favorite digital device and just let the words flow. Start anywhere, and don’t worry if your thoughts don’t make sense. Just write. You’ll surprise yourself!

To get started, below are a handful of prompts taken from It Takes a Woman to Empower Women. Use these to begin, or if they don’t work for you right now, just write whatever comes to mind. Keep your writing in a safe place, just for your eyes; or, if you want to share, do so with a safe person (a social worker, a therapist, or a best friend).

"Writing is medicine. It is an appropriate antidote to injury. It is an appropriate companion for any difficult change.

― Julia Cameron

Journaling Prompts

from It Takes a Woman to Empower Women

Healing The Past

  • What really happened to me? Choose one incident and write about that.

  • What different choices could I make if I were in that same situation now?

  • Is my fear based on today’s reality or is it left over from my past?

Envisioning Me

  • What would I love to do? Be specific; visualize the joy.

  • What is my vision for myself, in one word? Bold, fearless, free, worthy, etc.?

  • If I could achieve anything, what kind of life would I choose?

My Ideal Older Self

  • Why does my story matter?

  • What does self-compassion mean to me?

  • What kind of older woman do I want to be?

Imagining a Life without Abuse

  • What isn’t working well for me? ​

  • I imagine myself one year from now. What does my life look like?​

  • How can I live fearlessly? Name three first steps that I can take this week.

How Do I Dream?

  • What am I really excited about?

  • What does contentment look and feel like to me?

  • How do I define happiness? How do I define joy?  How are they different?

Setting Boundaries

  • How can I voice my anger in a healthy way?

  • List 3 ways I can be stronger with my boundaries.

  • What can I say or do to avoid uncomfortable situations? 

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.

― Christina Baldwin

You can find additional journaling prompts in It Takes a Woman to Empower Women:

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